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Hey lady, 

  • Are you struggling to see results in your body? 

  • Are you sick of not knowing what the heck to do in the gym that’s going to get you that fit, toned, feminine physique?

  • Are you sooo done reading article after article on the internet about fitness, nutrition, and the latest diet (most of them conflicting) that you just give up because it’s too overwhelming?

  • Are you tired of going shopping and hating everything you try on?

  • Are you ready to finally LOVE your body, feel sexy in a bikini, and have unshakeable confidence?

If yes, keep reading...

GIRL, I know how you feel. I WAS YOU.

I used to feel so much panic when I would be invited to a lake trip or on vacation where I’d have to wear a bikini. I’d have to resort to starving myself because that’s the only way I knew how to not feel gross in a bathing suit. 

I used to pass a mirror and pick out all of the things I hated on my body…your thighs are so squishy..why does your stomach always have that lower belly pooch…I would actually pinch my fat sometimes. So demeaning.

Just like you I’m sure, I used to want to do SO many things- I had this vision of myself- fit, confident, courageous, happy, and active. But I had ZERO energy to do any of those things. I was exhausted from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. I even used to drink 2 red bulls a day just to get through my shifts at work.

I was so overwhelmed from all of the conflicting information out there that I just wanted to give up…I tried being a vegetarian, I tried going to the gym, I even tried taking Adderroll to suppress my appetite. All of it left me feeling hungry, frustrated, confused, and hopeless.

FINALLY…I realized NOT feeling good in my body was holding me back from truly living my life, and I had enough of it. It became harder for me to NOT prioritize my health and wellness.


I went from burnt out, starving, hopeless, and hating my body to fit, confident, and full of energy! Now I show millenial women how to do the same damn thing.

After creating my own transformation and after years of experience in Exercise Science, NASM certification, and working with my own coaches, I created the Love Your Body Academy. 

I am so proud to say I’ve helped over 60 busy badass women lose weight but more importantly find confidence, discipline, and ENERGY to go after their dreams. 

My goal with LYBA is not only to just help women lose weight & tone up, but to influence my clients to have unshakeable confidence, make more money, have more success in their careers, have better relationships, perhaps even attract their soulmate, and simply create their ideal life.

What if I told you that you could 10x your energy, 10x your confidence, and create a fit, toned feminine physique WITHOUT starving yourself, or working out 5-6x per week, or doing tons of cardio?!

That’s exactly why I created LYBA. 

Join Love Your Body Academy!

Imagine if...

You only had to workout 3-4x a week to build a butt, have lines in your abs, and have those Jennifer Aniston arms you’re after?

Lose the stubborn belly/thigh fat, so you can wear your favorite clothes with confidence

✅ You never had to do another crash diet again. You could finally find a balance eating foods you love but learning how to nourish your body to make it feel good.

✅ You were “bikini bod ready” at all times so you didn't have to starve yourself leading up to your next vacation.

✅ You were able to have a BETTER social life because not only are you more confident and fun, but you are armed with the tools of how to handle eating out with ease.

✅ You were able to find BALANCE with food and create a health routine that you can sustain for the rest of your life.



If this sounds like something you need,

If you’re an ambitious woman with big dreams,

If you like having a simple, customized system that’s completely laid out for you to get the body you want most,

If you want the accountability, support and encouragement (and the occasional kick in the butt ;) from a coach,

If you are ready to commit and take action towards your dream body,

Then Love Your Body Academy is for you, babe.

Click the button below and fill out a quick application to set up a 15 minute free application call so we can chat more about your goals & your story to make sure we're the best fit to work together! 


Remember, LYBA is not just a fitness program, we take a holistic approach to health in order to create a sustainable lifestyle change.

You will get access to the LYBA online course with educational videos on macronutrients, micronutrients, water intake, meal-timing, supplementation, and more. This way you actually understand the what and the WHY behind the strategy.

Weekly progress checkins to ensure you are right on track
1on1 Support Calls for extra accountability and support
Checkin for all your workouts & track your weights in the app- we virtually coach you!
Messaging support for answers to all your burning questions
Facebook group with other like-minded women for group accountability!

EveryBODY is different, so your workout routine is designed specifically for you in our training app based on your goals - you never have to wonder what should I be doing in the gym? You will receive warm-ups, workouts, and cardio recommendations in your specific calendar so you know exactly what to do each day complete with videos for each exercise that show proper form.

Our objective is to make this as EASY as possible for you, so your custom plan will include exactly how much to eat for YOUR body and goals, and a made-for-you 7 day meal plan template with tons of delicious recipes that fit with your goals. You won't have to scour Pinterest anymore! We teach you to create your own meal plans so you have food freedom and can make your own empowered decisions after we're done working together. That includes learning to fit going out to eat into your goals, and how to create a healthy guilt-free relationship with food. You won't have to give up your favorite foods! We will teach you how to treat yourself while still getting to your body goals.

....And there's SO much more! 

Hit APPLY to learn more & hop on a call to ask your questions to ensure our program is the right fit for you. 

Can't wait to chat!


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