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Skylar C. (-15 lbs)

"Ashlyn is the most encouraging, supportive and understanding person in the world — not to mention an amazing trainer! Her approach to fitness, nutrition and overall health and wellness helped me to completely shift the way I approach my body and how to truly love it and become the best version of myself inside and out every day. Not only have I lost almost 15 pounds, but I have fallen in love with a healthy lifestyle, fitness regimen and nutrition program — and I am more toned and most importantly happier and more confident than ever!"

Rachel F. (-5 lbs/ body recomposition)

"This program has helped me break free of my negative relationship with food and the scale. I used to limit/deprive myself, which ultimate lead me to over eating later in the day. With Ashlyn’s help, I have been able to change that mindset. Before starting this program, I had always been an advocate for health and fitness- I just wasn’t doing it in a healthy way. Now I am confident and happy in MY body. It is a spiraling affect that once you invest in yourself, all other areas of your life also fall into place."

Corinne Z. (-13 lbs)

"I am over the moon ecstatic about my results both physically and mentally! Ashlyn’s program helped me gain confidence and focus on putting myself first which has improved my health, weight loss, fitness & my personal relationships. I truly believe that hiring Ashlyn as your personal trainer is one of the best investments that you can make for yourself! 6 months after the program, I have been able to maintain the practices she taught me during my 12-week program, tone my body, & keep off the weight I lost. I can't thank her enough for her attention to detail and her commitment and dedication to helping me achieve exceptional results!"

Cristina S. (-10 lbs)

"She and her program have empowered me to feel strong and confident and take responsibility for how I FEEL in my own body. At first it was about looks for me (not gonna lie) but now I have grown to know it’s more important to feel great. When people ask me what I am doing I am beyond proud to brag on Ashlyn and her program. She is so great and selfless as a coach and trusting her with this journey was the best thing I have done in a while for myself. I just recently finished my first 12 weeks and just signed on for another year and I am so excited I have invested in this!"

Heidi U. (-11 lbs)

"I can confidently say that Ashlyn Showalter has helped me achieve #BodyGOALS. Ashlyn is the epitome of a hard worker, and through constant support, health tips, life advice, and daily encouragement she has taught me how to create daily habits that help me become a better version of myself every single day. It really comes down to pushing yourself CONSISTENTLY and showing up for yourself. I honestly think if it weren’t for her, I would not be as happy or as confident as I am today. Thank you Ashlyn for being so strong and empowering others through health and fitness. You changed my life. ❤️"

Julie S. (-21 lbs)

"After literally years of failed attempts at dieting, I was convinced that I had wrecked my body and my metabolism, and that there was no hope for me to have the body I had dreamt of having. This program taught me that what your body needs is not rocket science, and with the right leadership and knowledge, your dream body is so attainable! This program has taught me that losing weight can be actually be FUN. Ashlyn supplies the “why’s” and the reasons behind the nutrition and certain exercises. I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge that I can use for life. This program has taught me that actively pursuing a goal helps you to actively pursue improvement in all areas of your life."

Cat W. (-17 lbs)

"I achieved ALL of my goals!! I am so happy with my results and know that this is just the beginning of HUGE changes in my life. It came out to about -17lbs in the 90 days which is insane for me!! I noticed a huge difference in my back starting to develop definition, my legs looking so much smoother, and my waist starting to get smaller! I have way more energy than I did before these 90 days. My biggest change was my mindset for sure. Having a much more positive outlook on life now has brought so many other positive things into my life!"

Brittany S. (-24 lbs)

"This program has been life-changing. I LOVE my body now & don't think I ever truly did before. I've learned SO MUCH & love what I'm learning. I'm being given the tools to change my life & I'm developing healthy habits. Ashlyn is a FANTASTIC coach & support. She's constantly there when I need her & doesn't judge. Tomorrow is always a second chance, but she helps develop the mindset of not wanting to wait until tomorrow to be great. I would do her program over & over again."

Jordan H. (-13 lbs)

"Ashlyn is a wonderful friend and coach, I would not have been able to change my daily habits if not for her. Thanks to her program, I have lost 13 pounds in 3 months and have never felt better about myself. Her program challenged me, but her coaching calls and supportive nature made me that much more determined to keep going and thank god I did! For anyone on the fence about joining her program, this is your sign: DO IT. If you stick to her meal and workout guides, you are absolutely guaranteed results. No doubt she is the best in the business and she will get you to where you want to be as long as you are COMMITTED. Thank you Ashlyn for my new confidence and lifestyle, I owe her the world!"

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Amanda E. -20 lbs.

"LYBA is a community that helps women set goals, stay consistent, and learn to love themselves. Before joining, I had a terrible relationship with food, and I lacked motivation to achieve the body I wanted. During the three months of my training, I achieved all of the goals I set for myself, and most importantly gained the mental strength that I needed to continue to progress two months after the program."

Jalila E. (body recomposition) +5 lbs.

"I've gained so much more confidence and outlook on my body and fitness. It’s a process not a destination. Now, I feel like I can take on any other challenges and goals I set for myself! This program was fantastic! If you know you have to make some changes but don’t know how to start, LYBA is a must! It’s well organized, personable, fun, and easy to get along with all the women going through the same experience as you. Ashlyn you are truly the best :) You really care and listen to everyone, and you’ve done so by creating a beautiful and selfless program for us women."

Stina S. -10 lbs.

Brittany 8 Month Progress (front)

Brittany 8 Month Progress (side)

Brittany 8 Month Progress (back)

“I wasn’t sure if I believed in myself, but I was done being in this rut…it honestly changed my life and I haven’t looked back since. I’m a completely different person. It wasn't just a quick fix- I learned so much, especially how to balance everything and still enjoy my life.  I lost over 30 lbs. in 12 weeks. This is the first thing that has literally ever worked for me in any part of my weight loss journey.”

-Beka Gillis


"I feel more like myself, like I began a journey of meeting who I truly am-a woman who loves herself and shows up for herself and is her own biggest advocate. That makes me feel so at peace and confident even amongst the many stresses of life. I can do hard things and I keep my commitments to myself. I now have the physical evidence that I am capable of showing up for myself and achieving my goals. This is a gamechanger for the REST OF MY LIFE!" 

-Amy Carpenter


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